If I were to make a video, how could I go about this? What different ways are there of creating short video clips?
I quite like the idea of creating a montage that is similar to a supercut but not using the same word/phrase repeatedly. I tried a quick experiment to see how it could potentially look if I created one using film quotes, as if it is a conversation. I found the film clips on youtube, downloaded them and used iMovie to cut down and arrange each clip to make it appear to be a conversation.
After trying it, I'm not sure that creating a supercut is the most suitable way of creating something new. It is more a collection of movie quotes rather than allowing them to take on a new meaning and create something original from something that already exists. I feel that while a supercut is an interesting way of making something, it doesn't allow the audience to detach the quotes from the films or the context that they were used in. This prevents me from being able to change them into something else which is the aim. I want to change the meaning behind the quotes, and create something where the only thing that is the same/being re-used are the actual words. I can't do this unless I remove the context, and the scenes in the films where these quotes are spoken.
If I have to remove the scenes from the films it means I have to then create my own new scenes that fit the new storyline that I will be creating from the quotes. A simple animation is possibly a good idea as the attention is not then taken away from the quotes themselves. I tried a quick experiment, again using iMovie and simple frames that I created using Illustrator, and then imported.
I think this has more potential than the supercut idea, as I can then use my own imagery to manipulate the meaning/context of the original quotes. By stripping the quotes to the words only (signified), I am able to create a new signifier by using an animation.
I now need to look at well known movie quotes so I can work out a storyline from them. It should be possible to manipulate the meanings to make them fit something else.
I took some of the quotes and created a string of conversation that could be made into an animation clip. On their own they don't mean much, so it is important to add some kind of story to it.
Above is a quick sketch of the idea that I had for the plot/storyline. "Louis" is excited that his friend has brought along a companion ("Mrs. Robinson") to see him. However, Mrs. Robinson is in a bad mood and doesn't appreciate Louis' eagerness, shouting at him repeatedly. Eventually their mutual friend (who is unnamed) tells her to snap out of it, shocking Mrs. Robinson into giving Louis a chance. Louis decides to impress Mrs. Robinson by giving them a spin in his car. Luckily for him, Mrs. Robinson is a bit of a speed freak and takes up the offer, and they all drive off together.