I've created two versions of my final, as I was undecided as to whether I should use sound or text to display the quotes. I tried this experiment using my voice. Using iMovie I added my voice using the voiceover function as it was by far the most simple method. I tried using my phone to record however the sound quality was very poor. I think this version would be improved a lot if each character had their own voice, rather than just the one voice speaking all of the quotes. However as a prototype it shows the intended outcome, which would be my preference out of the two finals I produced.
My other final uses written text to display the quotes. I like this version as it focuses on the text, however it can be problematic trying to read the text and watch the figures at the same time. I think out of the two, the first one with the sound is better as it allows the audience to listen and watch at the same time, whereas this one makes them have to look at two separate things, meaning they miss out. However it does allow them to interpret the quotes more loosely, which the first video doesn't.