One possibility is to produce an image that can be physically remixed by an audience. This could be created on a larger scale such as a wall, with either lights or physical blocks that form an image, and can be moved around (or if lights are used, switched on or off). By moving small parts of the image, the audience then changes it into a new, original piece of work. The constant switching of blocks or pieces is what makes it interesting - it is always evolving into something else rather than just being remixed once and then left. It would provide fun interaction with the audience who then become authors of the work, or one big collective.
Right: A picture taken from the Anti-Design festival, in 2010 (I didn't catch who the designer was). This is the basis for the idea, with the audience able to move parts around freely, by swapping them over. The main issue with this idea however, is that it is very similar to the work of CutUp Collective, who remix billboards by cutting them up into small squares and then rearranging them.
Example of how the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci could look if created with lights.
Another idea could be to create a video of artworks. The video on the left (Daft Punk - Around The World) has an interesting music video with several layers that could be used to remix artworks. In the video, each group of people represents a different part of the music (for example, the vocals are the robots) and are only a part of the performance when their part of the music is playing. Could it be possible to assign different parts of an image to different parts of the music and remix each part separately according to which part is playing? The video to the right is a fun example of how two pieces of work can be mixed together to produce something new. In this case the same song was overlaid to make it look like the men were dancing to that song.
I was stuck in a rut of trying to find ways of remixing images, and wasn't getting anywhere, so I decided to go right back to the beginning and look at the different options when it comes to remixing. What could I remix?
One thing that hadn't occurred to me before was remixing text. Why should it have to be image or sound that I'm remixing? It is possible to turn text into design so it's a feasible option. But what kind of text could I remix? Articles and books are the obvious choices, but it is possible to combine more than one option, such as movies and text. This was when I came up with the idea of remixing movies in text form. The use of movie quotes in a short animation? It would be possible to select well known movie quotes and create a new story from them. It would be fun to completely change the context in which the quotes were originally used, to make a new storyline from something that already exists but will take on a completely different meaning.