• Interaction is one of the most fundamental human processes – enables us to learn
• Brings humanity to machines if you can interact with it
• You get something out of interaction
• Interaction is intervention, not interpretation

PERFECTIVE: Complete narrative.

IMPERFECTIVE: Incomplete narrative.


• Perfective. Audience can participate in the story (like play piano) but not change it.

• Perfective. You choose where you want to go, and decide the ending. But all the endings are complete.

• Main options at the side but you get to fill in the gaps with whatever you want.

• Imperfective. Audience can do whatever they want.

Andy Cameron cites work of Max Whitby:
• Stories are serious and for adults. High cultural value.
• Games are fun and for kids. Low cultural value.

LUDOLOGY: Study of gameplay.

GAMES: Imperfective?